“We create wonderful places to work”


Brilliant design happens when we open our minds to what might be possible. Our job is to harness the free thinking and deliver great spaces to work.

Understanding Your Aspirations

We first seek to understand your overall goals for the project. We ask questions and probe to establish agendas and challenges. Our aim is to uncover opportunities and explore what is possible.

We appreciate you will be working to a budget, so we will not design something that is unaffordable. We will also be mindful of your company image and develop a design scheme that is aligned to your culture and profile.

Presenting Ideas

Visuals provide the most powerful statement about the proposed design. Given our inhouse capability, we can provide high quality visualisation throughout our design development process. We do not charge a fee for these presentations.

Detailing the Scheme

Any design scheme requires an in-depth review of finishes and specifications. Following an extensive coactive process the final decisions are documented and included in a comprehensive set of contractual drawings and finish schedules.