“We help you redefine your workplace”


The form, style and colour of furniture has taken centre stage when considering how well an office space is defined in terms of function and aesthetic appeal. We have moved from counting desks and chairs to a discussion about how furniture acts as a conduit between the physical space and adaptable working environments that provide choice and flexibility.

Exploring Options

Choosing the right furniture for your new office can be a daunting task but once we have established the key aspiration of how your new space should function and look, we have a team of industry experts to guide your through the options. Whether we present products in showrooms or place samples within your current office we will always be mindful of budget, as well as aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Audits of what you currently use and how well it supports your activities provides useful metrics on future needs and helps in decisions of reuse and repair. We are very aware that you may have bought furniture recently, so we can build in their use, saving you money.

Space Planning

We aim to maximise the use of available space and optimise the dynamic of the shapes of floor plates to create spaces that provide freedom of movement and are fit for purpose. Our space planning will ensure that everything works together, and we create new types of areas that support the changing needs of its occupants.

Project Management

Furniture selection, procurement and planning can be quite an arduous task, however our in house project specialists take the whole process in hand and make it easy for you to focus on the key decisions. Naturally our team will be planning for a stress-free installation, even into a live working environment. Post installation is always available from the in-house installation team catering for any requirements you may have, no matter how large or small.