1,000 sq ft

Expert Wealth Management

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Expert Wealth Management have started a new chapter and expanded into the recently vacated North Wing of their office, a beautiful refurbished barn conversion, situated in Witney, Oxfordshire. The new space will effectively bring our clients vision to life, offering a secure and inviting environment for both employees and clients to engage.

The expansion includes three distinct environments purposefully curated to evoke a professional ambience. The first is a formal meeting room, with double glazing for privacy, refined lighting, and advanced conference technology. The second serves as a dynamic breakout area, featuring a large corner sofa, an accent wall of acoustic wood panelling, calming tonal greens, and subtle brass lighting. The space will encourage a softer setting for meetings, providing a reassuring sense of comfort for clients. The largest space is primed for substantial discussions and team presentations, embracing both informal collaborations and client meetings.

Instilling warmth and comfort, the design has incorporated the beautiful oak trusses and beams into a comforting natural palette, full of tonal greens and soft grey accents, with a desire to blend the office into its surroundings. By carefully considering the design elements within the front of house, we have created a space that exudes a truly welcoming atmosphere.