“We are here to help you realise potential”


We are driven by a simple principle – “How can we assist you in making the most of your greatest asset, your people, love the place they work?”

Your employees are key to your success, and we provide office environments that make people happy and happy people are the best people.

We create thought through design, we build amazing office interiors, and we provide fantastic furniture solutions that excite people about working for your business.

We love creating brilliant places to work.

“We create wonderful places to work”

Interior Design

Brilliant design happens when we open our minds to what might be possible. Our job is to harness the free thinking and deliver great spaces to work.

We first seek to capture your aspirations and create a framework of understanding that defines the ambitions of your project. This process helps people direct their thoughts so ideas can stimulate further exploration in the context of discovering how your new space can function and support everybody who visits or occupies your new workplace. Being mindful of practical considerations as well as open creative thought, we will push boundaries and open doors to the debate about how best to support the diverse needs of all office employees throughout the business.

We won’t be restricted by past formats of space planning, and we will embrace the evolving demands for a more inspired workplace which focusses on synergistic working environments and creating a place that people want to work, a place to come for face-to-face interactions, and a place to explore new ideas and develop them into plans to create greatness for their company.

“We build inspiring interiors”

Fit Out

When we are developing a design for your new office, we are always thinking about how it can be built and how much it will cost. Buildability and affordability are key components to our approach of guaranteeing the deliverability of brilliant design ideas.

Our fit-out team are consulted at an early stage of any design process ensuring the design team are aware of constraints of the building infrastructure and how to manage out risk of any scheme.

The fitout team are responsible for any proposed building timeline, and they are instrumental in ensuring we partner with subcontractors who can guarantee quality. We want you to be confident that what we promise is achievable and you won’t get any surprises during the design and construction process.

Our project management ethos is founded on the fundamental premise of presenting solutions not communicating challenges. We want you to know everything is in hand and we are reporting timely progress towards our commitments to delivery of your great new place of work.

“We help you redefine your workplace”


The form, style and colour of furniture has taken centre stage when considering how well an office space is defined in terms of function and aesthetic appeal. We have moved from counting desks and chairs to a discussion about how furniture acts, a conduit between the physical space and adaptable working environments that provide choice and flexibility.

In the process of selecting the right products we use our knowledge and experience of dealing with a plethora of suppliers to create an environment that helps people perform at their best, whether it is an individual task or a collaborative activity.

Of course, there are some very practical considerations as well as the process of selecting pieces of furniture. You may want to reuse certain items of furniture, you may consider refurbishing fabric covered products, and of course there are audits to undertake and move management to plan. These are activities that can be undertaken by our in-house experts who work hand in glove with the design and project management teams.